Take Action

Here are some things that you can do to support our effort:
  • Email us at advocate4culture (at) gmail.com to be added to our Action Alert List
  • Respond quickly to Advocate4Culture Action Alerts.
  • Share on all of your social media networking sites.
  • Make positive comments about funding for arts/heritage/4Culture on relevant blogs and news stories.
  • Present information about 4Culture funding issues to your board of directors, company members and/or business partners and ask them to join the A4C Coalition. 
  • Give a speech before, during or after your programming (a curtain speech) to inform patrons and participants about the importance of 4Culture's support.
  • Email your friends and contacts to help them understand the issue and get them to write letters and come to hearings.
  • Attend one or more hearings (Advocate4Culture will send you notification of when the hearings take place)
  • Call or write your elected officials at key times upon receipt of an e-alert (Advocate4Culture will send you notifications when there are specific actions to take.)
  • Schedule a meeting with your elected official to talk about the importance of the work you do and how 4Culture has supported you. 

There are many compelling and statistical arguments for the importance of arts and culture, but what resonates most with lawmakers are personal stories from their constituents - that's  YOU!