Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Clock is Ticking...

The King County Council heard from you at the hearing on February 21st, and now they need to see you again on March 7th. It's incredibly important that advocates show up as the council discusses this ordinance and any amendments that are presented.

Attend this Critical Hearing!

Committee of the Whole

Wednesday, March 7th
9:30 AM
King County Council Chambers 10th floor
King County Courthouse (516 3rd Avenue)

What will happen: Witness - don’t let them work behind closed doors. Show up early - get a green scarf to represent you are against ordinance #2018-0086 and in favor of 4Culture’s independence.

Council staff have told us that councilmembers are negotiating right now. We need to act quickly to tell them once again what we expect - that 4Culture’s independence be preserved. Some councilmembers are still sadly misinformed and others are intentionally spreading false information. Write or call again:  

Urgent...Email of Call Council Members Now! Or Even Again!

Districts 8, 4, 6 + Executive Constantine:

Thank you for helping us! Don’t compromise 4Culture’s independence. We believe in you and your ability to turn this around.

Claudia Balduccci   (206) 477-1006
Jeanne Kohl-Welles   (206) 477-1004
Joe McDermott   (206) 477-1008
Dow Constantine   (206) 263-9600

Districts 1. 2, 3, 5, 7, 9:

Be respectful - polite, but firm. I’m opposed to this ordinance you’ve sponsored. Arts and culture are important to me - and impact my life directly in the following way…and what you’re doing is harmful.

Please don’t undermine 4Culture’s independence. Change your vote to NO.

Rod Dembowski    (206) 477-1001
Dave Upthegrove   (206) 477-1005
Reagan Dunn   (206) 477-1009
Pete von Reichbauer   (206) 477-1007
Larry Gossett   (206) 477-1002
Kathy Lambert    (206) 477-1003

Thank you Advocates!!
Facebook: advocate4culture 
Twitter: advocate4cultur

Advocate4Culture is an independent group. The views and opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of 4Culture or its employees.

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