Thursday, March 15, 2018

SPEAK UP! Your Voice, Your Vote!

This is it! This is the last time the King County Council will meet to discuss, hear public comments, and VOTE on the future of 4Culture. 

WHEN: Monday, March 19th at 1:30 PM
WHERE: King County Courthouse, 516 Third Ave (10th Floor), Seattle 

Share this event - Encourage your friends and family who care about culture (isn’t that all of us?) to attend and write. 

ATTEND THIS EVENT - Advocate4Culture urges advocates to speak up and:

1. Tell the entire King County Council that you are opposed to Ordinance 2018-0086 and that you will not forget those who supported this detrimental effort come election time. 

2. Remind them all that you are an citizen and tax payer that will be watching THEM as this  ordinance is put into practice.

3. Thank Councilmembers Claudia Balduccci (District 6), Jeanne Kohl-Welles (District 4), and Joe McDermott (District 8) for supporting the integrity of 4Culture. Remind them that you will not forget their efforts come election time.

You can convey these same points by contacting Councilmembers directly:

4Culture Supporters:
Claudia Balduccci   (206) 477-1006
Jeanne Kohl-Welles   (206) 477-1004
Joe McDermott   (206) 477-1008

Ordinance Sponsors:
Rod Dembowski    (206) 477-1001
Dave Upthegrove   (206) 477-1005
Reagan Dunn   (206) 477-1009
Pete von Reichbauer   (206) 477-1007
Larry Gossett   (206) 477-1002
Kathy Lambert    (206) 477-1003

Confused by Councilmember Gossett’s recent mass email? Read the facts.

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