Sunday, February 11, 2018

We Are Having An Impact. Don’t Let Up!

King County staff are counting the letters, emails, and calls they are receiving for and against Ordinance #2018-0086 which proposes devastating changes to 4Culture. We need to keep the pressure on so that they are overwhelmed by their constituents and community urging them to say NO to this ordinance. 

Let’s not waste our time on the councilmembers who are determined to yank control from the people (the hundreds of citizen volunteers who serve to guide 4Culture). They are stubbornly going to hold onto their ill-informed reasoning and deceitful commentary. We won’t change their minds with facts and logic now.

We must focus on select councilmembers and the King County Executive because they can and will make a difference in this fight. Let’s provide them facts and share our experiences as cultural workers (that’s you!) that 4Culture functions ethically and efficiently in services to the people of King County. 

Contact our King County Executive Dow Constantine ( or 206-263-9600and:
  • Ask him to Veto Ordinance #2018-0086;
  • Thank him for being a great supporter of arts and culture in our region; and 
  • We vote. Assure him that with his help now, the arts and culture community will support him in the future. 

If you haven’t already contacted your Councilmember, NOW is the time (Find Your Councilmember). 
We believe the councilmembers who are sponsors of the Ordinance, yet are thoughtful and listening right now are Pete von Reichbauer (District 7) and Reagan Dunn (District 9). Do you live in South King County, or know other cultural advocates that do? Urge them to contact Councilmember von Reichbauer and Dunn. When you contact them:

  • Let them know where you live, work, or visit in their district 
  • Ask them why they are sponsoring Ordinance #2018-0086 
  • Urge them to vote against Ordinance #2018-0086

Here’s how to contact them:

Thank you advocates! 

Advocate4Culture is an independent group. The views and opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of 4Culture or its employees.