Friday, February 23, 2018


This past Wednesday, more than 100 advocates showed up to the King County Council hearing to show opposition to Ordinance #2018-0086. Your testimony was inspiring (check out the video recording) - you spoke about what 4Culture means to you and your community, how you have witnessed the transparent selection panels, participated on their committees, and utilized 4Culture as a resource and a model. 

Thank you!

We hope the Councilmembers heard you and are taking your messages to heart. So many of you spoke that the Councilmembers were left with no time for discussion and a vote. 

The next Committee of the Whole hearing will be on March 7th at 9:30 AM. There may or may not be an opportunity for public comment, but it is critically important that advocates show up to demonstrate that citizens are still engaged and just as opposed as ever, amendments or no amendments! 

Why haven't we heard anything from our County Executive Dow Constantine and he needs to know that this power grab by the Council is inappropriate and unnecessary. We need to hear that he continues to support arts and culture in King County.


1. CONTACT King County Executive Dow Constantine or (206) 263-9600)

Ask him to Veto Ordinance #2018-0086; and 
Thank him for being a great supporter of arts and culture in our region; and remind him that the cultural community votes. Assure him that with his help now, the arts and culture community will support him in the future.

2. CONTACT Pete von Reichbauer of District 7 (South King County/Federal Way/Auburn) 

Tell him why and where you live, work, or visit in his district; and 
Ask him why he is sponsoring Ordinance #2018-0086 and urge him to vote against Ordinance #2018-0086

Thank you advocates. You are making a difference!
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