Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Viva 4Culture!

What a night for advocates! We hope you were able to join us on Tuesday night at the Paramount Theatre for a terrific line-up of performances and accolades to and from political leaders we've come to know (and love)! If you want to live it all over or couldn't attend, check out some of great stories here and here about Party Like It's 5834.

Executive Dow Constantine, Senator White, Senator Murray, Representative Hunter, Representative Chopp, former Representative Louise Miller, and Councilmember Phillips were all there to soak up the love from the arts and heritage communities for helping pass our beloved ESSB 5834. 

The best part for us advocates was seeing and hearing nearly 1000 people CLAP, SHOUT and YELL thanks to YOU! Advocate4Culture was a force in this fight. Our voice was as loud as those West African drums that made our hearts pound. 

Individually may not have been on stage, but trust us advocates, you matter and you will be re-elected. Viva 4Culture!

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