Friday, May 13, 2011

Contact your Senator!

Hey advocates we have a ton of crazy stuff going on in Olympia. We are very lucky to have two rockin' bills that will save 4Culture. 

What can you do to be part of saving 4Culture? 
1.  ATTEND a public hearing this Tuesday, May 17th at 1:30 pm in support of the hot new SB 5958, sponsored by Senator Scott White. This hearing will be held in the Cherburg Building. If you need a ride, contact us.

2.  CONTACT your Senator! Our old friend SSB 5834, is back in play and it's on the Senate floor. They've adjourned until 10 am Monday, May 16th, which gives you the whole weekend to let your Senator know "VOTE YES ON SSB 5834 and SB 5958!"

3.  SPREAD the word to other arts and heritage advocates. Make sure they've contacted their senator too.

We're sooooo close to saving 4Culture, an amazing resource for the cultural community and citizens of King County. Please help! You can find your Senator HERE

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