Tuesday, May 17, 2011

awesome progress on SB 5958

Way to go team!

Thanks to your quick response to the advocacy call, SB 5958 just sailed over a major hurdle. We have risen from the dead and are on our way!

We have some big laps left but wanted to let you know what happened today and what's on the horizon.

At 1:30 p.m. this afternoon, over 50 supporters for 5958 piled into the hearing room in Olympia. We were joined by very few naysayers. Notably Enterprise, Alamo and Dollar Rental Car Companies. Also notorious blowhard Tim Eyman. (We know we've made them big time with him as our opponent!)

After 75 minutes of predominately positive testimony the Senate committee members unexpectedly went straight into Executive Session and Senator Prentice (Dist 11) moved that the bill be sent straight to Rules with a "do pass" recommendation. This is AWESOME. The Rules committee gets to decide what bills get a floor vote.

We are one huge step closer to getting this done. It's clear legislators are seeing the cultural community as a hard-core voting block. Keep the positive pressure up! You guys are making this happen!!!

What's Next for SB 5958
When the bill goes to the Senate Floor (as early as tomorrow) every Senator in the state will get to vote. If you haven't written your Senator in the last few days/week, PLEASE DO SO NOW.

If you HAVE already written your Senator, it would be great to take a second to thank the folks who helped us get this through today... craig.pridemore@leg.wa.govmargarita.prentice@leg.wa.gov, maralyn.chase@leg.wa.gov, sharon.nelson@leg.wa.gov. They were the committee members who voted positively. Just drop them a line and say "thanks!"

Most Importantly.
Please stay tuned for the next advocacy push. If we get out of the Senate this week, then the House will have to hear the bill again (in the next week). We'll need more support again there. Thanks for hanging in with us these last key laps.

You are keeping this alive.

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