Friday, April 1, 2011

URGENT - calls and emails needed before 1pm today

Here at the Advocate4Culture HQ, we received word a few hours ago that we need to contact ALL the members of the Senate Ways and Means Committee immediately. All of them. Whether you are specifically their constituent or not. 

This is urgent - votes are too close for comfort. The committee will be voting on SHB 1997 TODAY in their 1:30 meeting in executive session. So we only have a few hours to let them hear from us. The bill must pass out of this committee to survive.

Please make phone calls now. Or email the legislators. The messages don't need to be long, they need to be numerous. 

Just say: "Please support SHB 1997.  Arts and heritage are important economic drivers in King County."

Here are names and numbers. Calling all of them and leaving quick messages takes 20 minutes, emailing only takes 5. If you have to prioritize, start with the Democrats (D).

Do it! It’s worth it:

Pridemore, Craig (D)
(360) 786-7696

Regala, Debbie
(360) 786-7652
Rockefeller, Phil (D)
(360) 786-7644
(360) 786-7694 
Murray, Ed (D) Chair
(360) 786-7628
Kilmer, Derek (D) Vice Chair, Capital Budget Chair
(360) 786-7650
Brown, Lisa (D)  
(360) 786-7604
Conway, Steve (D)  

  (360) 786-7656
(360) 786-7642 (360) 786-7636 (360) 786-7648 (360) 786-7664 (360) 786-7670 (360) 786-7634
Parlette, Linda Evans (R) Ranking Minority Member Capital
(360) 786-7622 (360) 786-7610 (360) 786-7606 (360) 786-7630 (360) 786-7624 (360) 786-7684 (360) 786-7608 (360) 786-7620

If you'd prefer to email, here are the emails for each of the members.

Then copy and paste the following message….

I support passage of SHB 1997, and I want you to vote for it today in the Senate Ways and Means Committee. Arts and heritage are important economic drivers in King County.

And then press Send. That’s really easy, no? Phone calls are better, but emails are good.

OR DO BOTH. Overkill is totally okay here…

Thank you, let’s get this done.

Advocate4Culture Coalition

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