Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like special session

We know many advocates have been wondering What is happening to the legislation that supports funding for 4Culture? Don't lose hope, there is still an opportunity for 4Culture to be saved. 

The 2011 legislative session is set to end this Sunday, April 24th, but most folks, including Governor Gregoire, think they won't finish by that date and will have to go into special session

It seems likely that legislators will opt to wrap up a bit of business this Friday and take a break this weekend. Hopefully, they will come back refreshed and ready to revisit SHB 1997 and SSB 5834. This will be their last chance to save funding for arts and heritage in King County. 

For those interested in how the special session works, check out one of our favorite blogs, Many Words for Rain

Stay tuned, stay positive and be ready to advocate in the next 30 days!

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