Monday, January 10, 2011

Three cheers for Kings of our County!

The 2011 legislative session started today and we're feeling pretty optimistic that we (that includes you) just may be able to save 4Culture. We have some great leadership this year in Representative Ross Hunter, Senator Ed Murray, and King County's Executive Dow Constantine and Councilmember Larry Phillips among others.

In addition to a commitment from Dow, last week, many advocates received some much anticipated and welcome news from Councilmember Phillips. Check this out!

Thank you for your advocacy on behalf of arts and culture.
I am pleased to announce that on January 3rd the Metropolitan King County Council passed Ordinance 2010-0624, adopting King County's State Legislative priorities for 2011. The attached agenda outlines-in two short pages-the top ten priorities that King County government is asking state legislators to consider during this year's session. You will be pleased to know that among our government's top priorities are extending King County stadium and tourism revenues for arts and cultural programs and preserving 4Culture.
Overall, these priorities underscore a single objective: King County seeks the flexibility, tools, and authority to help address critical needs in a time of continuing fiscal challenges. These objectives focus on customer service, partnerships, and ways to bring down costs.
Thank you for your continued support of arts and cultural programming!
Metropolitan King County Council, District Four

What does this mean? It means we're not alone. King County is with us! In the coming days we will outline what YOU can do to help save 4Culture. We'll make it so easy and fun. You'll be ready to take on the other Washington when we're done!

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