Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ACTION ALERT! Support Ordinance 2010-0466

As you may know, King County Councilmember Larry Phillips has introduced legislation to implement the recommendations of the King County Historic Preservation and Historical Programs Advisory Task Force. The legislation would allocate funds collected under HB 1386 as recommended by the Task Force. We support this legislation!

It's critical and imperative that you act now. Please contact your council member no later than Thursday (8/26) to express your support of this measure. If passed, this legislation would mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in support for the vital programs and services for our heritage community.

As much as $500,000 may be collected this year from filing fees, according to the latest estimates. The Task Force recommended that 40 percent of revenue be reserved for the King County Historic Preservation Program, and 60 percent allocated to 4Culture for distribution to heritage organizations (and you know they'll do a rockin' job of getting the funds out there)!

Please contact your King County Member and ask him/her to support Ordinance 2010-0466. If you are unsure how to contact your Council Member, please visit this link:

You can also contact Councilmember Larry Phillips directly at 206-296-1004, or larry.phillips@kingcounty.gov to let him know you support his efforts.

Finally, if you'd like more information about this Ordinance and its history, please contact Task Force Member, Joe Follansbee at joe.follansbee@fyddeye.com

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