Wednesday, February 10, 2010

some progress! and a sticking point...

HB2912 was given a “do pass” recommendation in the House Finance Committee yesterday afternoon. All language allowing King County to fund publicly owned stadiums was struck from the bill. Since stadium funding was a sticking point with many of the legislators who met with Advocates on Arts Day last Tuesday, this improves the possibility that 2912 will receive a positive vote on the House floor if and when it gets there. The next step is to get 2912 from House Rules Committee to the floor. Given that 2912 also includes funding for low-income housing, it has an excellent chance to move from House Rules.

The companion bill - SB6661 - never made it out of the Economic Development, Trade and Innovation Committee. Sen. Ed Murray re-introduced 6051, a small bill from last year’s legislative session that specifically funds arts and heritage in King County, but not the other activities delineated in HB2912. It is actually on the Senate floor awaiting a floor vote. If 6051 passes in the Senate and 2912 passes in the House, they will head for reconciliation. All of this is positive, but there are still minefields ahead.

Advocates need to focus their attention on the Senate. Now would be a good time to contact your Senator and any other state senator you have a relationship to, to encourage support for 6051. Find their info by following the "find your legislator" link to the right --->

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