Thursday, February 18, 2010

holy cow! another hearing

Rock solid! The house finance committee has scheduled ESSB6051 for a hearing this Tuesday. If you can join us at the hearing and need a ride, please email ASAP (by 3pm on Mon 2/22.) If you can't make it, please take 5 minutes to send a few emails or make a few calls (see below for instructions.)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010, 1:30pm
House Finance Committee
House Hearing Rm C
John L. O'Brien Building
Olympia, WA

There are 9 committee members in the House of Representatives “hearing” ESSB6051 on Tuesday. Many of these are most likely to be in favor of this bill... but with so many pressures and a lot of stress down there in Olympia, we want to make sure they don't change their minds! Can you draft a super short email and individually send it to some or all of a few key legislators we've identified below asking them to pass ESSB6051 out of their committee and telling them why King County's arts/heritage community rocks your world? By the end of the day Monday would be perfect.

Here is contact information for key legislators “hearing” these bills who might need a little convincing. Their last name is followed by their first.

SELECT HOUSE FINANCE COMMITTEE MEMBERS * (360) 786-7862 * (360) 786-7906 * (360) 786-7900 * (360) 786-7944 * (360) 786-7822
*Thank this legislator for recently voting for passage of HB2912 that had similar support for arts and heritage in King County!

When you write, be brief and be sure to reference specific bill numbers. Here are some things to include in your email:

· Begin your letter formally with “Dear Representative [last name]

· Say that you are a resident of King County and that the arts and heritage funding through 4Culture is important to you.

· Ask them to please support ESSB6051 that includes funding for the arts and heritage program in King County.

· Thank them for recently supporting ESHB2912 and ask for their continued support of any bills that come before them (like ESSB6051) that would secure future funding for 4Culture.

· Add a short personal statement about how the arts and/or heritage or specifically 4Culture’s programs are valuable for you personally, your business, your employees, your neighborhood, your children, your quality of life, or your organization.

Thanks for your help!

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