Thursday, February 18, 2010

good news, we think...

Earlier this week, two 4Culture-related bills made some great progress... House Bill 2912 and Senate Bill 6051 both passed their respective Houses! While it's very exciting to have support on both sides of the legislature for arts and heritage... these bills still have a ways to go and your help is going to be needed again soon.

Here's some more info about what happened, and what we think will happen next:

Tuesday was an important cut-off day for the legislature, so the passage of bills in the both the senate and house were a critical step that will keep the bills alive this session. ESSB6051 was passed through the Senate on Monday night. 2ESHB2912 was passed through the House on Tuesday. They both provide funding for arts/heritage programs in King County through the lodging tax. But 2ESHB2912 is more expansive and dictates some other uses of lodging tax beyond the percentage allocated for cultural programs. Primarily, 2ESHB2912 offers low income housing the same percentage of future lodging tax as arts/heritage. Since there are major differences between the bills (beyond the arts/heritage part), hypothetically each of these two bills will now need to go over to the other house to be vetted and voted on by the other chamber -- which may mean more hearings or letter writing soon. We'll let you know...

For those who like more specifics:

HB 2912 was modified and became 2ESHB 2912 and that is what passed in the house and is now in the Senate Ways and Means for review. Here is a great summary:

SB 6051 was modified and became ESSB 6051 - this passed in the Senate and moved to the House Finance Committee. Here is a great summary:

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