Tuesday, January 12, 2010

legislature already taking action on culture!

We're excited to announce that we've already seen some action in the state legislature on their first day in session! Two bills introduced last year have risen again. These two bills provide great funding for arts and heritage in King County.

SB6116 was reintroduced in the Senate Rules Committee, which is where it ended last session. The Rules Committee will decide whether to pass it back to the Ways and Means Committee or send it straight to the Senate for a floor vote. The best outcome for the bill would be to have it sent to the Senate floor.

ESHB2252 (Engrossed Substitute House Bill) was referred to the House Finance Committee, where it will be scheduled for a committee hearing. It wouldn’t have a hearing until next week at the earliest.

As soon as we hear if there is a public hearing scheduled, we'll let you know. In the meantime, consider writing your legislator.

  • Step #1: Decide if you will contact them via snail mail, email or phone.
  • Step #2 Find out who your legislator is and/or locate their contact information here
  • Step #3 Write or call with a heart-felt message about why arts and heritage is important to YOU. They value your point of view - they represent you and want to hear your opinions about pending legislation. See our sample letter for ideas.

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  1. Ross Hunter testified in favor of SB 6116 over his own bill, HB2252. If either is going to move it would likely be SB6116. Dow Constantine testified in favor of SB6116, contact him and ask if he is going to support this bill again.

    Many hands make light work.