Tuesday, December 8, 2009

not starting from scratch

During the 2009 legislative session, Senate Bill 6116 and House Bill 2252 were not passed. SB 6116 and HB 2252 were, at the last moment of the legislative session, moved back to the Rules Committee within their house of origin. This provides us the opportunity to move ahead from where we left off next year rather than starting from scratch.

We are optimistic that we have gained many new supporters in the legislature and we will succeed with our plans for future funding, and a strong cultural community in King County.

Advocacy efforts have helped brand the message that cultural workers are key partners with the legislature in their goals of: preserving the unique character of our region; building dense and attractive urban communities; investing in creativity; driving local economies; and encouraging tourism.

The arts and heritage funding we are working for is just a small percentage of the available visitor taxes. The legislature’s obligation is to disperse these taxes among a variety of causes that can steward tourism, while potentially addressing some of our regional economic and social service issues. Our opportunity is to position arts and culture at the center of these larger goals. Culture is part of the solution to regional problems.

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